Our chef

“We all have memories: memories about a taste, a time in life, which will forever be engraved on our mind...”

This quotation from chef Nicolas Fages epitomises the passion that motivates him and that he puts into his delicious creations. His seasonal dishes are true to the produce and showcase natural flavours.  


The 1 Michelin starred restaurant in Château de Sully in Calvados has also been recognised as a “Restaurant de Qualité”, a Collège Culinaire de France award promoting restaurants which make dishes in-house using fresh and raw produce.

The Château de Sully Wine Cellar :

Our drive to satisfy our customers means we choose renowned wines and our Maitre d’Hôtel & Sommelier, Grégory Colleville, is here to introduce you to lesser-known grape varieties and wines which epitomise the French vineyard. We have over 320 different wines in our cellar.