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The D-Day landing beaches

A dive into history

The Normandy landings on 6 June 1944 were the largest amphibious and airborne operation of all time and the town of Bayeux was the first town liberated on 7 June 1944. One of its museums pays tribute to this date: the Battle of Normandy Memorial Museum.

Bayeux is located about ten kilometres from the Channel coast, at the gateway to the D-Day landing beaches.

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The landing beaches

Around our spa hotel in Normandy

Take advantage of your stay in our Spa hotel in Normandy to discover the D-Day beaches, where many people still come to pay their respects today. The D-Day beaches pay tribute to the soldiers who liberated France, with monuments and museums such as Utah Beach and its chronological tour, the D-Day Museum of Gold Beach or the Juno Beach Centre which presents the role played by Canadian soldiers in the Liberation.

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The landing beaches

around our Spa hotel in Normandy

Not to be missed for your visits from our Spa Hotel in Normandy, the beaches of Utah Beach where the American troops landed on 6 June 1944, Omaha Beach and the bloody memory of the American losses of the D-Day, Gold Beach which still shelters impressive vestiges visible at low tide, as well as Juno Beach, sector assigned to the Canadians and Sword Beach where the N°4 Franco-British Commando landed.

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